SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
Craftsman+ launches Interactive Ad Suite, providing flexible solution to efficient playable creation
Digital creative company, Craftsman+, announces the official launch of its Interactive Ad Suite (IAS) off the heels of previously launched Interactive Ad Builder (IAB). The suite, composed of IAB . . .
MARCH 1, 2021
Craftsman+ launches Interactive Ad Builder to meet rising demand for self-serve ad creative
Digital creative company Craftsman+ is announcing the launch of its anticipated Interactive Ad Builder (IAB), filling the surging demand for more engaging ad units. Building on the company's reputation . . .
FEBRUARY 24, 2021
Alex Merutka named to Forbes 30 Under 30: Marketing and Advertising Class of 2021
Founder and CEO of Craftsman+, Alex Merutka, has been named to Forbes 30 Under 30 for Marketing and Advertising, Class of 2021. The list hosts a number of the top marketers who are paving . . .
JANUARY 29. 2021
The New York Times: Alex and Tech Leaders move to Miami
America’s business leaders, freed from the office, looked around the country, taking note of its coronavirus lockdowns, taxes and rabble rousers. And many said as if in unison: Miami!


DECEMBER 14, 2020
Craftsman+ expands to Europe, searches for creative leaders
Craftsman+, the New York-based creative advertising company, is pleased to announce its expansion into the European marketplace. The fast-growing business is known for its creation . . .
JULY 21, 2020
Craftsman+ named a trusted Google App Ad Creative Partner
Earlier this year, innovative tech startup Craftsman+ was named one of 12 Google App preferred creative partners. As a SAAS platform that automates creative asset optimization, Craftsman+, in . . .