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July 21, 2020

Craftsman+ named a trusted Google App Ad Creative Partner

New York, July 21, 2020 - Earlier this year, innovative tech startup Craftsman+ was named one of 12 Google App preferred creative partners. As a SAAS platform that automates creative asset optimization, Craftsman+, in partnership with Google, supports and elevates advertisers’ app campaign (formerly UAC) ROI performance, cutting production expense and enabling dynamic customization.

With the digital landscape already highly competitive and ROI-sensitive, it is critical for app advertisers to make sure they are running campaigns with the right creative assets. However, manually customizing thousands of formats can be time-absorbing, costly, and error-prone. Craftsman+ can help advertisers develop successful app campaigns by customizing creatives to run across multiple platforms, making in-the-moment iterations and tracking performance at scale. Scaling creative across the entire spectrum of Google’s app formats and tracking global and local insights lead the way towards app marketing success.

We’re honored to partner closely with Google and grateful to share our vision around creative automation and interactive content, with the intention to upgrade advertisers’ campaigns across the industry.

Alex Merutka, CEO and Founder of Craftsman+

Ad creative can now be customized using machine learning and the Craftsman+ proprietary system. The interactive content engine lets advertisers create, iterate, and maximize playable and html5 ad campaigns without any coding experience. Craftsman+ enables advertisers to experiment and adjust creative assets quickly and easily as needed to meet the demands of a changing environment, cutting back unnecessary complexity and overhead.

About Craftsman+

Founded in 2018, Craftsman+ is a creative technology company. Powered by a sophisticated but easy-to-use platform, marketers quickly iterate their content to drive scale and efficiency, while our agency work drives results by delivering powerful ideas and marketing messages through engaging storytelling. Craftsman+ empowers marketers and brands to achieve and exceed marketing goals by quickly and simply diversifying, customizing, and honing campaigns. Discover more at www.craftsmanplus.com