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September 13, 2021

Craftsman+ launches Interactive Ad Suite, providing flexible solution to efficient playable creation

New York, September 13, 2021 - Digital creative company, Craftsman+, announces the official launch of its Interactive Ad Suite (IAS) off the heels of previously launched Interactive Ad Builder (IAB). The suite, composed of IAB and newly released Interactive Ad Templates (IAT), provides marketers with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective platform to support every step of the playable ad creation process.

Playable and interactive ads are proven ad formats that diversify campaign strategies and boost performance, though they often come with a higher price point and resource commitment than standard ad formats, like videos or statics. The new IAT introduces an efficient service to scale playable creation instantly, with absolutely no development resources required. Marketers can now take advantage of dozens of pre-existing playable templates with IAT, becoming a go-to solution for massively scaling creative output with minimal overhead time and budget. For teams who want even more of a tailored brand experience, revamped IAB is the platform for customized playable creation.

IAT comes with 20+ playable templates, including popular game mechanics such as match 3, quiz, and more. Clients may also request bespoke playable template creation outside of the pre-existing templates. The Suite launch also includes a new and improved Interactive Ad Builder, completely refreshed to make the playable creation process much more intuitive and efficient. IAS fits the needs of any marketing or creative team, from those just starting out with playables to those with fully established playable campaign strategies.

Interactive ad creation is commonly seen as a time consuming and expensive form of advertising - given the need for complex design concepts and reliance on developers, you can understand why. We’ve engaged with customers through early access trials and an extensive beta phase to create something truly revolutionary. IAS provides an easy and cost effective way to produce interactive ads through a self-serve platform. No more complex designs, no more developers – just login to our platform and get building.

Richard Stephens, Product Manager at Craftsman+

IAS provides complete flexibility for marketers, who can take advantage of either Templates or Builder separately, but for more robust playable needs, teams that utilize both platforms will receive a packaged discount. Excitingly, IAS will be joined next month by Craftsman+’s Static Ad Builder, a product designed to enable clients to exponentially boost their static creative output. Craftsman+ continues to build and optimize their proprietary suite of creative self-serve tools, with more to come in Q4 2021 and beyond.

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